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New book by Jeff Goodman


Paperback and E-Book


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A Guide to

By Television Wildlife Cameraman & Film Maker
Jeff Goodman


 156 Pages – 53,030 Words – 300 Colour Images -  Book size 255 x 188 mm Paperback

An exciting new look at the art of making underwater wildlife films. This book some has something for everyone from the complete beginner to the semi-professional.

FORWARD by BBC Wildlife & Underwater TV Presenter


"…..A Guide to Underwater Filming and Editing" is a technical manual with a truly light touch. It enables us to begin to film marine animals, plants and habitats with confidence and care. The layout is based on the filming courses that Jeff runs, and is tried, tested and proven successful. The technical aspects are easily mastered by anyone, the compositional elements make a sound base from which to develop one's own style, and the straightforward text guides the filmmaker right through to their premiere!........”


Jeff Goodman. Born in Devon, England, Jeff now lives in Cornwall where the horizons are clear and bright. He has been a freelance television underwater and wildlife cameraman from the age of 22, filming mostly for BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. With this book, Jeff takes the reader through all the basics of film-making and editing underwater wildlife video. How to choose a camera and underwater housing, finding and filming the subject, right through to the editing process on your home computer. Jeff enables the production of a quality video presentation with music and narration.

Throughout the book, Jeff shares some of his more poignant experiences from filming on location. His stories explore our relationships with the natural world and our place within it. His love of the oceans is evident throughout and so encourages any reader to look at the marine environment as a unique and magnificent ecosystem.

Available to order from all good bookshops and all internet bookstores such as Amazon, or direct from the publisher priced £19.99  www.authorsonline.co.uk.
email bookorders@authorsonline.co.uk

Tel 05600 492384
ISBN 978-0-7552-1394-8

Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Books/s?ie=UTF8&field-author=Jeff%20Goodman&page=1&rh=n%3A266239%2Cp_27%3AJeff%20Goodman

E-Book £10.80 available at

"A Guide To Underwater Wildlife Video & Editing" by Jeff Goodman on Ganxy


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ANDY TORBET  -  TV PRESENTER & ADVENTURER.   "This is a book filled with readily applicable information for the complete beginner to the budding professional.  I've been doing minor underwater filming with small cameras for professional films for the last few years but needed to up my game to the level of a basic professional and the book provided me with the theory to do just that and has me well placed now to go and practice what it taught me.  Jeff brings to life decades of professional experience as an underwater film-maker and teacher to create a very personal account, giving the instruction credibility grounded firmly in experience.  But Jeff goes a step further, he also discusses the basics of editing and the need to shoot for an edit, because raw footage without a smart edit is a job half done.  This is not just a book about which knob to push when diving, this is a book about how to plan and produce an underwater film."

JOHN BANTIN  -  TECHNICAL EDITOR DIVER MAGAZINE.    “….This book is not just about getting a few nice clips of live-action underwater. It’s about producing the shots, the bricks that interlock together, that provide the architecture of the final result, a television programme and you can do that with the most basic equipment available to any of us today and he is inclusive in the way he writes……. Jeff takes the reader step-by-step through the process in 140 heavily illustrated pages and to alleviate brain strain he punctuates the chapters with amusing and colourful anecdotes about the experiences he’s had, many of them didactic in nature, while travelling around the world to all manner of exotic places providing footage for some of the most discerning of wildlife television producers. Once you’ve got the raw footage, he explains how to bolt it all together using commonly available editing software on a home computer, including laying a soundtrack, and if you’ve been following Jeff’s guidelines it should all bolt together in a very satisfying way…….”

CAMERAS UNDERWATER.   “Experienced underwater videographer Jeff Goodman has written a highly readable book that both educates and entertains. Full of practical advice, this book is suitable for both the beginner and the more advanced underwater cinematographer.   It will make you want to get in the water and take your filming to the next level. There is much technical knowledge required for editing software - Jeff makes the subject accessible and easily understood.”

 “Never before has there been so much need for people who understand the oceans and life in the seas.  This is not only the preserve of professional scientists: it is open to all, and there are few better ways to learn about marine life than to film underwater. This book leads the reader into the world of underwater video filmmaking with a blend of expertise and passion, encouraging us all to take our minds, just as much as our cameras, off 'automatic', ultimately to understand, love, celebrate, and thereby preserve, the life and landscapes of the sea “

DIANE TANNER – MEDIA DIVE CREWS.  I would like to rename this book “The Zen and the art of underwater film making” You cannot be a competent shooter overnight. It’s all about the journey and a very exciting journey it is.  I enjoy the way Jeff empathetically weaves technical details of film making in with his insightful and sometimes humorous wild life stories.” 


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